Frayed Applique Tutorial

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Now to answer a question that has been coming in this week! Many of you had asked about the flowers that were embellished on our basic bag shown in the picture below.

Well it’s a technique that is very simple to master as well as quick, easy, and a beatiful addition to just about any project! We’ve added them to clothing, handbags, tea towels and more! It’s a technique which Kris shared recently on Studio 5.

Here are 2 examples of what we made!

We thought we’d put together a brief step-by-step tutorial on how to make this fun embellishment! Let’s get started!

1. Begin by tearing an approximate 1/2″ strip of fabric. For larger flowers, continue to tear several strips.

2. Place one end of the fabric strip onto the base project you will be sewing the flower onto. Sew a straight stitch directly down the center of the fabric strip. Sew for a brief time before it’s time to “turn” your fabric strip to begin forming a flower.

3. Continue sewing in this same manner. It is helpful to keep your needle in the down position as you stop to turn the project in order to continue sewing down the center of the fabric strip without losing your place.

4. Keep on going! Round and round… until you reach the very end of the strip. If you’d like the flower to be larger, simply add an addition torn strip of fabric and repeat the same steps as outlined above.

And now you’re finished! BEAUTIFUL! Can you imagine the possibilities?

You can leave the flower alone, or even add a pretty button for a nice finishing touch! Have fun with fabric colors as well and mix and match! There really is no wrong way to do it. If you give it a try, we’d love to see your photos!

Make Your Own Garden Stepping Stone!

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

We’ve been busy this week in the garden…not only taking care of what is IN the garden, but also sprucing up what is AROUND it as well!

Have you always wanted to make your own stepping stone, but wasn’t sure where to begin? Kris will share with you some of her best tips on making a stone that is not only personalized, but one which will also allow your creativity to soar!

We’d love to hear about YOUR experiences with making stepping stones! Have you made one before? What tips or suggestions do you have? What did you add to make yours special?

Perhaps you’ve never made one before, but want to give it a try! We’d love to hear your ideas on that as well!

And come back later this week when we’ll post photos of the finished stones Kris has been working on!