Stepping Stones All Finished!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

As promised in the earlier video from this week, I decided to share some photos of the stones I had been working on that day. I am definitely not an expert in this and I’m learning new things all the time…especially from our amazing viewers! We have loved hearing your comments and ideas!

One viewer asked about what I do to prepare for laying my design. While there are many different ways of doing this, I actually love just to trace the container that I am using onto some white paper. Then I know my exact dimensions of what I will be working with. Then, like working a puzzle, I place my pieces all around until I find it has a great fit.

Now the finished pieces!

And do you have any pieces left from all your fun? If so, don’t throw them away! Just add to a container so that you have plenty to choose from for that next project!

Boy, I never thought breaking dishes with a hammer could be so theraputic. 😉

What other fun summer projects do you have going on right now? We’d love to hear!

Make Your Own Garden Stepping Stone!

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

We’ve been busy this week in the garden…not only taking care of what is IN the garden, but also sprucing up what is AROUND it as well!

Have you always wanted to make your own stepping stone, but wasn’t sure where to begin? Kris will share with you some of her best tips on making a stone that is not only personalized, but one which will also allow your creativity to soar!

We’d love to hear about YOUR experiences with making stepping stones! Have you made one before? What tips or suggestions do you have? What did you add to make yours special?

Perhaps you’ve never made one before, but want to give it a try! We’d love to hear your ideas on that as well!

And come back later this week when we’ll post photos of the finished stones Kris has been working on!