Day 1: How to Make a Pomegranate Salad

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

We’re excited to kick off our season of holiday quick clips with introducing you to a festive dish that has been handed down in our family for generations.

Our very own grandmother each year made this and so in her honor, we would like to share it with all of you!

It’s quick and so very easy to make! Have you ever tried your hand at seeding a pomegranate? It’s actually a lot easier than you may think, and we’ll show you how!

And we’d love to hear from YOU!

We know you have some “tried-and-true” recipes that have become a tradition in YOUR families! Please share! We’d love to read your favorites! Post below and let us know. We’re sure we will all be inspired! We think this is the best time of year to keep with family traditions as well as trying something new!