A “2nd Helping” – A Follow-Up Post After Episode 5 – Make 3D Burlap Flowers!

Friday, April 16th, 2010

In Episode 5 we learned how to recover old lampshades in a whole new way, thanks to the help of our good friend, Kayleen Skinlo! It’s been fun to read your comments and to see your excitement for sprucing up your own! Isn’t DIY fun?

Well, as promised, we told you that in this week’s “2nd helping” post, we would share how to make that 3-dimensional burlap flower we put onto our lampshade. You’re going to LOVE how easy this is to do! We also answer some questions from you as well as pass on a great tip from one of our readers when it comes to ironing the seam when you’re in a tight spot!

There you have it! Wasn’t that easy? Oh, and something I forgot to mention in the video was that at the very end, it makes a great look to have the edges of the burlap frayed. Simply pull off some end fibers from each petal, and it’s now going to look spectacular!

And just for a little weekend fun and inspiration, we thought we’d share a few pictures from our most recent visit to one of our most favorite quilt shops, Material Girls. I tell you, it’s like being a kid in a candy store! Please tell me you can relate! :) And don’t worry if you’re not here local, you can still be a part of all that blissful yumminess because they also have an online store! Gotta love that!

And don’t forget to make a comment from Episode 5 so you can be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to YouCanMakeThis.com as well as we have a fabulous Lila Teuller fabric & pattern bundle to give away, courtesy of Material Girls!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!