A “2nd Helping” – Your Questions Answered from Episode 5 – The DIY Dish Basic Handbag

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Hello friends! The comments coming in after the “basic bag” webisode have been exciting! We love hearing of your enthusiasm for making something special for yourselves, friends, and family members. Someone had asked whether we really read every comment that is posted. Absolutely!

And we agree with all of you about Pat Bravo’s stunning fabric lines. Just lovely!

Just the way we like fabrics to be. 😉

OK, so to answer a few questions that have been coming in…

Q. Can sizes be changed on the bag?
A. Yes! The dimensions of the bag can easily be changed to make a smaller or larger bag. You could also change the length of the handle to make it fall just where you want it- under the arm, around the waist, etc.

Q. When you box out the corners, do you need to cut off the excess fabric?
A. Actually, on this bag we did not. However, you absolutely can. Just cut off excess, leaving an approximate 1/2″ seam allowance.

Q. Can I use an interfacing on this bag to make it sturdier?
A. On this particular bag, we chose not to use interfacing because we wanted to have a very relaxed look to the bag that nicely curved at the hip.

However, you may use an interfacing if you’d like. Our suggestion woud be to use a very light, iron-on interfacing as you will need to remember that at the end when sewing the pleated outside and inside of the bag together, it will be a lot bulkier to put through the sewing machine.

And would you believe that we have someone out there who has already finished the bag? Michelle added this photo to our Facebook page. What a woman! Talk about fast! She also mentioned that she was able to complete the bag in just over an hour, and that was while helping her children through their various morning activities!

Didn’t she do a great job? We’d love to see your photos as well! You can post both at our Facebook page as well as our Flickr group!

A “2nd Helping” to Season 2, Episode 1: Questions Answered & More Ideas Shared!

Monday, September 20th, 2010
Hello fellow DIYers! If you have been with us from the beginning, you will remember that each week after an episode goes “live” on the site, we take the opportunity to write a follow-up post to answer questions some may have from the previous webisode.

This last week we have been in Minneapolis, Minnesota for The Creative Connection Event. It was wonderful! (More to come on that later!) So where we normally write the blog post within a few days, this time it took a little longer as we have been without a computer. Eeek! 😉

Before we answer some questions, we wanted to share with you a few photos taken in our studio of where our little stuffed owl so sweetly sits.

This particular owl was finished with a satin applique stitch, rather than frayed.

Welcome to the Kids' Corner!

When redesigning the studio, it was important to us to have an area of the room where our children felt welcomed. We quickly put our heads to work to create something magical for them. The trunk was painted with a chalkboard paint so they could write or should I say “engrave” their messages to it.

Fabric circles were adhered to the wall with a spray adhesive.

A variety of our favorite fabric prints were cut out and adhered to the round tree top. And we turned an old oak wood clock into the owl’s little perch.

Pretty fun, right? There’s more to this children’s area, but we’ll save all of that for another post!

Now…to answer a few questions from your blog comments!
We were happy to hear that many of you loved the idea of using the Wonder Tape
to secure the bottom before stitching. Some had asked where you could pick this up. We have been able to find it at our local Joann Fabric Store, however, it can also be purchased through the link below.

The great thing about Wonder Tape is that it helps hold things into place, without “gumming” up your needle. After you use it, you’ll wonder where it has been your whole life. :)

For those who are looking for Walnut Shell Litter
and are unable to pick it up at your local pet store or quilt shop, you may want to try that link above.

Understandably, several had also asked about alternatives to Walnut Shell Litter
, especially with those who have to be careful of nut allergies in the home. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Play Sand
  • Fine Steel Wool (Thank You Jean!)
  • Fiberfill Polyester Stuffing
  • Bird Gravel
  • Clean (and New!) Kitty Litter
  • Emery (Search Etsy for Best Results)

We hope this gives you a few ideas! There have been some further ideas posted in your comments of what you want to do with this owl idea. Here are a few highlights!

  • Leigh Ann wants to add the applique to a tote bag with the legs dangling off!
  • Jennifer will be decorating her entire Christmas tree with these cuties in festive fabrics!
  • Dottie is getting ready to send one for her daughter’s dorm room at college.
  • Valarie had us cracking up. She is going to make a multitude of owls to raise money for a breast cancer awareness benefit. She’ll be making them in pink with a ribbon attachment that reads, “Save the Hooters!”
  • Joann and many others want to make them as gifts for their quilt guilds and sewing groups.
  • Kathryn will be adding a sentimental touch to hers as she will choose fabric from her own mother’s fabric stash from the 60s. Her mother loved owls and what a great keepsake these will be for her and members of her family.
  • Monica wants to add the applique to children’s garments. Love it!

And finally, here’s one more idea to get you thinking… how about making one out of terrycloth material? Do not fill and sew bottom closed. What an adorable washcloth for baby!

OK, OK…a few more pics! We just can’t get enough of these little guys! Whether you leave the edges to fray, or “clean it up” with a satin applique finish, either way, they are just too cute!

Our 2-minute craft countdown will be out later this evening! And don’t forget to have your name entered to win the Janome serger and embroidery machines! Details are found HERE!