Winners of the Holiday Craft Challenge from Episode 3

November 8th, 2010

Hello! We hope everyone had a nice weekend!  It is time to announce the 3 winners of the “Make It: Fun® for the Holidays! Craft Challenge!”  we issued in Episode 3! Each of these people will receive a prize package from FloraCraft’s Make It: Fun® group. For more ideas on how to use STYROFOAM™ in your decorating, be sure to visit their website. There are so many fantastic project ideas!

Everyone that sent in a photo entry to the challenge, has also receive a free bundle of ePatterns from Make It: Fun® as well as The DIY Dish 2-Minute Craft Countdown eBook.  If you have not received your bundle yet, let us know and we’ll be sure to resend.  Check back throughout this week because we’ll post more of the fantastic photos that came in!  For now, here are the winners that were randomly selected:

Heather created these gorgeous (and sparkly!) hanging letters for Halloween.  Use this same idea for ANY theme or holiday you’d like!

Theresa created these darling snowmen! She said it was the FIRST TIME she’s ever used STYROFOAM™ in her crafting! WOW!

And finally, Jennifer, is our 3rd winner! We love the whimsical tree, and we especially love that she made this with her 3-year old daughter! Thanks Jennifer for sending in both photos! :)

Thank you to everyone who participated! Again, come back throughout the week to see even more inspirational photos of items people made with STYROFOAM™!

-Kim & Kris

**Come back Monday evening, November 8, for a new episode of “The DIY Dish!”

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A “2nd Helping” – Follow Up From Episode 7 & Needle Felting Fun!

November 4th, 2010

Needle felting.

Have you caught the bug yet?

It’s been fun to read from Episode 7 about how many of you have always wanted to learn and now are excited to give it a try! And some have needle felted for years and truly enjoy it as well. Karen mentioned that she has done this same technique with silk and denim. We bet the results are gorgeous! Kathy commented that she could picture Christmas stockings being made this way. We agree!

In today’s 2nd helping post, we wanted to share another idea of how you can create different shapes with needle felting by using the everyday cookie cutter! It’s a great way to get a uniform shape PLUS it protects those hands even better!

Simply place the cookie cutter on top of the foam base (if you’re making the piece 3 dimensional), or on top of the main project you will be adhering the wool roving to. Add tufts of the wool roving to the inside of the cookie cutter. Let the felting begin!

For a 3-dimensional shape that stands on its own, follow these next few steps. Once the top side has been felted enough to begin taking form, pull up the shape, flip over, and insert back into the cookie cutter. Begin felting the other side. Flip back over again and continue this process until you are satisfied with the results. You may find it helpful to use a single needle when defining the edges.

Here is what we were able to do with 2 different sizes of heart cookie cutters!

Once the hearts were felted to the scarf, we outlined the shapes with 100% wool yarn. Felting yarn to a project is also a great way to add decorative scrolls, borders and more!

So what do you think? Are you ready to take a “stab” at it? (No pun intended!) :)

-Kim and Kris

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Backstage of The Nate Berkus Show – How Did You…?

November 2nd, 2010

After the taping of The Nate Berkus Show, we went backstage for a few more questions.  In this segment below, the interviewer asked us to describe in a bit more detail, how we made some of the items shown in our foyers.  Take a look at what Kim did to an old candlestick to make it into a charming tea light — and how Kris added a personal touch to her bench through embroidery.

Episode 7: How to Needle Felt – Find the JOY in Needle Felting

November 2nd, 2010

We are so excited to share with you a technique that is both timeless and beautiful – the art of needle felting! Want to try your hand at it? We’re going to show you a very easy project you can make this weekend!  Take a look!

We want to thank our sponsor for this episode, There you will find all of the needle felting supplies you’ll need for this project — plus gorgeous fabrics, notions, and even more to get you going this crafty holiday season!

Keep reading because at the bottom of this post, we’ll give you a coupon code, as well as the link to the FREE PDF download for this project! For now, here are some more photos of the project, as well as some additional ideas for what you can do with needle felting!

  • Here is what we used from to create the JOY Pillow:
  • Wool Roving: Any color green and any color red
  • Needle Felting Foam (Item #NR-569)
  • Felting Needle Tool (Item #NR-562)
  • Felting Needle Tool (Item #NR-566)
  • Warm & Natural Cotton Batting (Item #CBR-002) *Or you can use fleece or wool that also carries — anything that doesn’t fray.
  • Embroidery Floss (Item #NR-777)

Ready for a coupon code? is giving DIY Dish Viewers 25% off ANY item in their Wool Felting Notions & Roving (AND CRAFTS!)  Section! Use code: DISHFELTING to receive 25% off of those items. Coupon code expires 11/30/10 (Midnight EST) *Note: The code excludes die-cut machines and accessories.

Download your FREE PDF “JOY” pattern here.

We’d love to hear from you! Have you ever tried needle felting? Is this something you’d like to give a try?  What would you like to make with the art of needle felting? Do you have any more questions for us on how to needle felt? Post a comment below and we’ll try our best to answer in this week’s 2nd helping blog post!

And remember, if you enjoyed learning something new this week, simply hit the “like” button for Facebook and the “tweet” button for Twitter! Buttons are found at the top of the post.

Have a wonderful week!
Kim & Kris

Talk About CREATIVITY! A Halloween Post to Gather the Kids Around

October 28th, 2010

Some of the best things we love about this time of year is that the temperatures are cooling down, the leaves are changing color, and the Halloween festivities are underway. Kim and I don’t really love all the “gross and gory” kind of Halloween ideas out there, but one tradition that we love to keep each and every year is taking our families to The Pumpkin Walk.

Its remarkable beginning was conceived by a loving school teacher who hoped to find a better way to celebrate Halloween. We love the fact that it is such a positive and upbeat kind of atmosphere. It is family-friendly and people of all ages from come all over to enjoy. Literally hundreds of volunteers spend countless hours preparing the show each year…and at no charge.

For nearly 2 decades now, this gift has been enjoyed by thousands!

And talk about CREATIVITY! Check out some of the scenes from this year…all made with PUMPKINS and GOURDS! The theme was “The Magic of Animation!”

Lots of pictures, but I couldn’t choose my favorite…but here are some narrowed down! I think you should recognize a few! :) So gather up your little ones around the computer right now and enjoy seeing these scenes from some of your all-time favorite animated stories!

Of course, no Halloween is complete without Charlie Brown & The Great Pumpkin, right?

Here’s one that I absolutely loved. It’s probably because “Boo” always pulls at my heartstrings!

My kids’ personal favorite? Madagascar of course! “I say we move it, move it….”

Two of our most wonderful, creative friends – MarLyn and Sallie, put this next scene together. You know and love it – The Polar Express! Pretty amazing, right?

There was some Muppet action going on as well! Too, too cute!

And the beloved and timeless Dr. Seuss definitely needed to be included in this post! Can you name that story?

Seeing ol’ Mr. Cheshire Cat up in that tree giving us each a smile made our day!

Popeye reminded us to eat our spinach! Boy, that’s a classic, isn’t it?

And finally, there was “UP.” We all LOVED that movie. Bright, colorful, and so very sweet.

 (And yes, it is snow you are seeing in some of these photographs!)

We hope you enjoyed being able to take a look at these and be inspired by all the creativity out there!

We’d love to know….which one was YOUR favorite?

Happy Halloween!

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