*WINNERS* of the Mimi Totes & Thermoweb Gift Packages

February 15th, 2011

Congratulations to the following 10 viewers who have won the gift bundles from ThermoWeb! We’ll list your name and partial email address below. We’ll also be in contact with you shortly!

1. Cindy

2. Amy

3. Vianca

4. Lynn

5. Jan

6. Andrea

7. Julie

8. Kathy

9. Robin

10. Amy

ALSO, videos are already coming in for the “Win a Craft Night with Kim and Kris” sponsored by Lifestyle Crafts. And we’d LOVE to see YOURS! Find all the details HERE! It’s going to be a blast!

Valentine Printable from The DIY Dish

February 14th, 2011

By now you may know that we love to get together with friends and quilt each month. Our “quilt group” consists of 12 of us ranging from a mom of young children (probably 24 years old, right Karlee?) :) to other women who are now grandmothers. Although we may be in different stages in life, we all come together each month to have lunch, quilt, and of course, laugh…a lot. 

This month was “the twins” turn to host. And who wouldn’t love to create a Valentine theme for the luncheon, right? So we brought out the placemats created in Episode 10, decorated with the Valentine hearts made in Episode 11, ordered take-out (who has time to cook!?!), and we had a party. Some quilted. Others crafted. Everybody needs this “me time” or rather, “we time”. 

We also made a little gift for each of our friends and thought we’d share the download with you, too.  We know that a lot of viewers have made the Double-Layer Cake Pin Cushion from our 1st Season.  Many more have made the Owl Pin Cushion from Season 2.  So here’s a download that you can cut-out and attach to your pin cushions if you happen to give it to them this Valentine’s Day.  If you think it’s too late to make them, try the cake one — it is super quick and easy.  Or simply buy a package of straight pins, needles, etc. and attach the Valentine note. Who doesn’t need extra pins for their projects, right? :) Click here for the free Valentine Gift Tag download.

So Happy Valentine’s Day friends. We are very grateful for each of you viewers.  We hope you have a wonderful day.

-Kim & Kris

PS – Come back tonight as we’ll be posting the 10 winners of the Mimi Totes and Gift Packages from ThermoWeb!

PPS  – We want to come and craft with you, too! Don’t forget to enter our “Craft Night” contest for YOU and 10 of your friends!!! Watch the video below and find all the details here.

Make a Valentine Centerpiece THIS Weekend!

February 11th, 2011

Ready to make a very simple, yet adorable centerpiece for your Valentine party?

With a few ready-made treats to pick up from the store, this centerpiece can be made in no time at all! It’s so yummy-looking, the worst part will be keeping your kiddos away from wanting to eat it.

But first, I bet you want to see what you’re making! Here are a few pictures:


 Here are the materials you’ll need:

-a clear, ice cream sundae glass (I picked mine up at our local Dollar Tree store!)
-candy to fill the bottom of the glass (I chose conversation hearts for one, and pink and red M&Ms for the other!)
-a styrofoam circle or half-circle (found in the floral or craft section of places like Walmart)
-pink and white taffy
-2 candy pixie sticks (for the straws)
-chocolate, red-foiled heart
-hot glue gun
-paper for labels to embroider or write on

1. Measure the circumference of your styrofoam simply by placing it at the top opening of the sundae dish. If it is too big, just cut off any excess pieces so that it can fit firmly at the top opening of your dish. Set that piece aside.

2. Fill sundae dish with the candy of your choice.

3. Now place that rounded top snug and firm into the opening of the sundae dish.

4. Press pixie sticks into the foam at the top. If you’re having trouble getting them in, you can cut a small slit with a knife and add a little hot glue. Mine went easily in and there was no need to do anything further with this step. Point them in opposite directions at an angle. Cute straws!

5. Carefully glue each piece of taffy onto the foam until the entire top and sides are covered. Squeeze in as many as you can so your top is very full and rounded!

6. Place the chocolate heart cherry at the top, securing it with a little hot glue. Perfect!

You’re finished! Wasn’t that easy? You should be proud!

BUT WAIT!! There’s one more step you MIGHT want to add. It’s not necessary of course, but oh so cute! (You can also just WRITE the little tags out onto paper, but if you’re like me and love to machine embroider and will do so on anything you can possibly stitch, then here’s a final step that will add the perfect touch!)

I took these cute little words found at SWAKembroidery and stitched them onto mulberry paper. If you’ve never tried stitching onto paper, you should give it a try! It’s so easy to do and there is a great tutorial found in SWAK 101 on how to do this.

So here I go…stitching away… (I’m getting giddy!)  

I then cut them out into a “banner-like” shape and glued them into place on the sundaes! Here is the “SWEETIE” word found at SWAK:

And here’s the “LOVE MUFFIN” design:

There are also some other groovy words to choose from! Again, if you don’t want to take the time to stitch these out, or don’t have a machine to do them, write them out and even personalize them!

Happy Valentine’s weekend everyone!

-Kris and Kim

***We have our first winner of an Epic 6 Combo Tool! Congratulations to “Jeanne U.” (Partial email: urquhar…) We’ll be in touch with you so you can receive your prize! 

***There is still time to win the “Craft Night” party for YOU and 10 of your friends! Click here for details.

Where Women Create Magazine Features The DIY Dish!

February 10th, 2011

We were so honored this month to be featured in the Where Women Create magazine. It was such a thrill to share this issue with some of our favorite people out there such as Gail and Shea from A Gilded Life, Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks and Lisa Leonard of Lisa Leonard Designs.

You can pick up a copy of this beautiful magazine at your local bookstore, as well as Costco! We enjoy reading each quarterly issue as it is a great way to unwind and be inspired sifting through the pages and reading the stories behind the pictures. We hope you feel the same way.

With the help from our friends at Opal Never Shouts, we were able to design a space that was not only lovely, but one that served many different functions as well. The paint colors needed to be chosen with the utmost care as it was an important element when filming. We also needed to use our spaces in a very efficient matter for designing, sewing, online work, as well as children! :)


In the article, we were able to share a little more about our own personal story on how we got started and share some ideas and tips we have for others which we’ve learned along the way.

Thanks to the amazing Brooke Snow, who through a lense, was able to capture such artistic expressions of what we had so thoughtfully placed around our creative space. She is so gifted in what she does and is truly a genuine, sincere, and beautiful person as well.

Win a Craft Night Party with Kim & Kris — and 10 of your Friends! Epic 6 Giveaway

February 8th, 2011

It’s hard to believe that we are already to the end of our “Season 2!”  So during this month of February, we wanted to say THANK YOU to our viewers — and we’re doing that with a series of fun giveaways and more. 

And thanks to Lifestyle Crafts, we are giving away a huge prize package to someone! Lifestyle Crafts is going to send us to your home for a craft night! You get to invite 10 of your friends and EACH ONE OF YOU will win the Epic 6 Cutting & Embossing Tool and Letterpress Combo (each is a $169 value!) as well as accessories, di-cuts, papers, paints, etc.  Catered food and a whole lot of FUN!!  Watch this 2 minute video for the fun details!

All you have to do is send us a short video (less than 1 min, 30 seconds) letting us know why you would love this prize package for you and your friends!!  Won’t this be fun?!? Send them to info@theDIYdish.com. Entries will be taken until February 27, 2011 and will be narrowed down to 5 finalists.  ALL 5 FINALISTS will receive the Epic 6 and the voted winner will receive it for 10 of their friends, too! (Plus, the “CRAFT NIGHT”!  We can’t wait to meet you!) Official rules found here.

Here are some cool projects you can make with these fantastic tools and accessories from Lifestyle Crafts! Take a look!

Thank you for being a part of our Season 1 and Season 2 episodes! We look forward to Season 3 beginning in March 2011!

**We can’t wait to view your videos! Don’t forget to send them to us at info@theDIYdish.com. We would love to craft with you and your friends!

-Kim and Kris

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