Voting Time! Who Will Win the “Craft Night” Giveaway?

March 1st, 2011

Unbelievable. Amazing. Talented. Hilarious. Sweet As Can Be. — All words to describe the video entries that came in to win this Craft Night.

How to choose?!? We couldn’t! We seriously want to come to every person’s home and craft with you and your friends.  So we had to enlist the help of a “panel” of judges who narrowed the numerous entries down to TEN. Ten, you ask? Yes, you read that right. We were supposed to have it narrowed down to 5 for voting, but the simple answer is…it was too hard! And even getting it down to 10 was crazy-hard! :)

Now without further ado, here are the 10 finalist videos!! Vote for your favorite today! The voting poll is found at the end of this blog post — right after Video #10. Voting ends at midnight PST, March 6, 2011. (And all 10 finalists will receive the Epic 6!)

Video 1: Judy & Shirley – 15 year Craft Group 

Video 2: Kris – Mom of 5-year old Twins
Video 3: Jamie – Go,Go,Go Busy Mom of 3

Video 4: Kara – Teenage Son Needs a Night Off

Video 5: Crystal – Military Wives Craft Group
Video 6: Stephanie – Sweet Florida Girls Rap
Video 7: Connie – DIY Dish Super Fan

Video 8: Desiree – Homeschool Mom of 5Video 9: Kate – Military Wife Needs a BreakVideo 10: Bonnie – In Snowy North Dakota!Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

We want to thank Lifestyle Crafts for sponsoring such an amazing giveaway. It has been so much fun using their products in our own crafting and we can’t wait to share it with someone’s group, too!

And here’s some more good news:  Lifestyle Crafts is offering a 30% coupon to all DIY Dish viewers!!  Visit their website at, click around to view their fun products, and use the code: DIYDISH at checkout. The code expires on 3/6/2011.

We’d also love to hear from you! If there was something that you especially liked in any of these videos, feel free to make a comment here!

Voting ends at midnight, PST on March 6, 2011. Tell your friends to come and vote, too!


Votes added by “bots” or other automated means are not valid.

The DIY Dish and Lifestyle Crafts reserve the right to adjust vote totals and/or disqualify entries at any time at our discretion if it appears this is happening.

*Winners* of a Free DIY Dish Pattern!

February 25th, 2011

Congratulations to the following winners who posted on the blog this last week, voting for your favorite scarf! We will list the names and a partial email address down below.

*We’ve randomly selected 10 winners from the blog and 10 winners from our Facebook fan page! If you posted on the Facebook fan page, head on over to see if your name was chosen!

Dawn- walesp…

Mary- rosesand…

Fran- dewitt…

Judea- judeabee…

Denise- denise56…

Lynette- lynettesma…

Mary j.b.- ulmjb7…

Angeline- d_ayc…

Vivien- viv_irv…

April- abird…

We will be in contact with each of you shortly for you to choose your DIY Dish eBook! Find all of our ebooks HERE!

Make an Infinity Scarf + 2 More: Kim Shows the “How-To” on Studio 5!

February 21st, 2011

A hot trend in the fashion world right now are SCARVES! So fashionable, these infinity or circle scarves are perfect for dressing up an outfit for the spring season!

And today Kim shared on our local NBC KSL-5 Studio 5 program just how easy these are to make…and with NO SEWING INVOLVED!  And the fabric of choice? T-shirts! It really couldn’t get any easier! Check it out!

Here are a few more photos for inspiration!

Click here to vote on Facebook!

(Or make a comment below to vote for your favorite 2 scarves!)

*****Details about how YOU can WIN a craft night for you and 10 of your friends are found here. Hurry…the deadline for entries is February 27, 2011. ****

Sweet, (Yet Chic!) Free Pillow Pattern!

February 17th, 2011

Have you seen the new pillow pattern created from Shelli, one of the team members over at

Valentine’s Day may be behind us, but that’s OK! It’s still cute for the February decor.

Or even your everyday home decor.

A bridal shower gift.

A teen’s bedroom.

A teacher gift.

Hmmmm….what do you think?

Here’s a video clip of Shelli sharing this on Studio 5!

So feminine…we’re in love.

Be sure to head on over and download your FREE pattern and sew away!

2011 Color of the Year: Honeysuckle Pink!

February 16th, 2011

Now that we’re 2 months into the new year, we want to know…

How are you liking Pantone’s 2011 color choice of the year? It’s honeysuckle pink!

Would it be too cheesy to say, “We’re tickled pink about it!” 😉

Seriously. We are in LOVE with the color! What a great time to add some splash to the mundane…and especially with spring just around the corner! It’s a color that just makes you want to smile.

Leatrice Eiseman, color specialist and executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said, “It’s not quite as hot as a hot pink, it has slight coral-ly undertones, which gives it some warmth. It’s what a lot of people find appealing.”

Here are a few photos for inspiration to see how this color might fit into your planning!


Is it too much? How about adding some little changes to the room with a big pop!

Oh, and can you imagine the possibilities with weddings and other special occasions? Wow!

Yes, yes. Love, love.

What do YOU think? Are you incorporating honeysuckle pink into your wardrobe? Home decor? Accessories? Events? We’d love to hear about your own experiences as well as where you’ve been seeing this color more and more recently!

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