Contest Postponed

March 6th, 2011

We regret to announce that this poll has been stopped.  In reviewing the logs for the contest, we found that several accounts had received votes from automated sources, often referred to as “bots”.  We do NOT believe that any of the finalists were involved in setting up the bots voting and we sincerely apologize for needing to take the poll down.  However, because we felt the results were skewed by this malicious activity we felt like it undermined the poll.

To ensure that this is a fair competition, we are taking the following actions:

  • First of all, the poll has been taken down and we will be in personal contact with each of the finalists concerning what has happened.
  • Second, we are going to research solutions that will provide better deterrents to malicious activities like the sort of automated voting that polluted the results.
  • Third, we will re-run the poll with the safeguards in place.  We will provide as much notification as possible when the new vote will begin so you can be prepared to vote in the time allotted.

Obviously, we feel terrible about having to do this.  It is regrettable that there are those that would want to tamper with what was meant to be fun and honest contest.  We hope you will agree that this course of action is the right thing to do.

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