3 Craft Products That Caught Our Attention at CHA – The Craft and Hobby Association Winter Tradeshow

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

With literally hundreds of new and innovative products showcased at the Craft and Hobby Association Tradeshow, selecting three to begin our coverage from CHA was not an easy task. However, we wanted to share with you a few thoughts we have on each of these products and the reasons why we were so thrilled to find them!

1. Lesley Riley’s TAP Transfer Artist Paper

  Why We’re in Love With This…

1. Mixed media is hot right now. And Lesley Riley is one of the best in the industry. We immediately trust what it says it will do.

2. This transfer paper will take any ink-jet image and literally transfer over to just about any medium– fabric, canvas, glass, ribbon, tissue (yes, tissue!), metal and more. Oh, just think of the possibilities!


3. It’s easy. And best of all- no mess. The transfer goes through your at-home ink-jet printer. It is then ironed on.

4. We can’t wait to get our hands on some and play! We’ll be sure to do some demos where you can see how easy it really is! Oh, the projects…THE PROJECTS!

5. And finally…it won BEST SHOW for INNOVATION of the YEAR at CHA! Congratulations to the entire team at C&T Publishing!


2. My Friendship Bracelet Maker

 Why We’re in Love With This…

1. Craft kits for kids is not necessarily new. HOWEVER, we fell in love with this product because making these bracelets reminds us of when we were kids! These once popular and very nostalgic woven crafts are making a comeback! 

2. We like that it is portable and is a project that can be worked on and taken on the go at any time. Even all of the threads are already pre-cut and ready to go! 

3. Kids are using their time and energy on a creative outlet, focusing on important skills for the mind and with their hands.

4. It’s not just for girls! Boys will love this cool tool just as much! In fact, we did bring home one for our boys and they couldn’t WAIT to get started! We love when a new hobby is discovered! Talk about an “I CAN” feeling that quickly takes over!5. This company has produced some AMAZING online videos for different patterns to make. Access is free and kids can follow along with the video tutorials as they braid themselves! You can find those videos as well as PDF instructions at their website, www.myfbm.com.

And finally…

3. Bravissimos! by Making Memories

Why We’re in Love With This…

1. This product just screams, HAPPY. JOYFUL. CELEBRATORY. JUBILEE. Are you seeing the pattern here? :) On this one, you just can’t help but smile.

2.  A brilliant concept is here because there are several ways you can actually purchase this product. They are sold as a completed project, OR you can find some semi-finished, OR you can assemble individual pieces from start to finish! You choose!


3. The guesswork is taken out of it, and yet, you still feel amazingly CREATIVE! With literally dozens and dozens of sentiments, badges, wands and ribbons to choose from, each one can be so uniquely yours.

4. You’re not going to break the bank on these puppies. For as much intricate work that is done on them by the manufacturer, we’re very surprised at how little they will cost the consumer. You’ll be able to make one for just a few dollars!

5. We love that any day can be an even more special day by letting someone know that you are proud of them or are just thinking of them. These would make great additions to floral boquets, as gift toppers, or even as a “just because” sitting on someone’s pillow with a little love note tucked behind. (Did we mention they have mini envelopes on the backs for just that?) What more can we say, than “Bravissimo!”

So…we want to know what YOU think of these products! Which one stands out to you and why? Leave us a comment below and be a part of a great discussion!

*And some very cool giveways are on their way! All month long we’re celebrating our VIEWERS! Fun details coming soon!*

A Few Favorite Finds at CHA – The Craft & Hobby Association Convention

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

We just returned from Los Angeles where we had the opportunity to attend CHA! This is THE place where you will find all of the latest and greatest tools, supplies, and inspiration for all things crafting! 

Our local NBC affiliate, Studio5, interviewed us through Skype about a few of our “favorite finds” from the conference. Naming “just a few” is not easy to do when you are surrounded by over 800 vendors who are showcasing! It’s like being a kid in a candystore! :)  So this week we are bringing you that interview!

Watch the blog throughout the next couple of weeks because we have even more to share — plus a TON of giveaways!


Here are a few more photos!

Paper and fabric  flowers adorned scrapbook pages, wall art, jewelry, accessories…you name it! It’s a definite trend that continues! Gorgeous!


 Come back tomorrow as we’ll tell you in more detail about those 3 very cool products we shared with Studio5!

One of them just makes you smile.

One helps teach a new generation of crafters…our kids!

And one goes hand-in-hand with the mixed media trend that is so prevalent. You’re going to love the possibilities it will create in your crafting!

We have more photos to share and a whole lot of GIVEAWAYS!!


And just so we don’t leave you this week without a fun project to download, here’s one for Valentine’s Day!
Click here to download a FREE VALENTINE PATTERN we created for you! Enjoy!

(Although we made this with a needle-felting technique, the same pattern would look darling with an applique method! Have fun!)