Me and My Laundry Basket…

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Kim makes fun of me ALL the time on this one. “There goes Kris again, with her laundry basket!”

Oh sure, it might be admirable…perhaps even praiseworthy if I was actually using it for its intended purpose. But as of right now, it’s my tote. Whenever I go to the office, it comes with me. If I go on a long car ride, the laundry basket filled with my current project I’m working on is right at my feet. Heading to The DIY Dish studio? Yep, it’s there, too.

Crazy, I know. 

Maybe it’s like a security blanket. A security BASKET?  Hmmmm…

I really should get something that is designed for crafting on the go. But for now, I suppose it works!

Here’s my basket filled with my needle felting supplies, all ready to go to Studio 5 today! If you’re local, it will air at 11 AM MST on KSL-5. If not, we’ll be sure to post the segment as soon as we can. I’ll be showing Brooke how to make some beautiful felted jewelry as well as showcasing some other fun projects using needle felting techniques!

The basket has made many trips to Studio 5. What would I do without it? :)


Don’t Cry Over Spilled Cupcakes?

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

So if you want a real “behind-the-scenes” look at what goes on behind finished projects and pretty photos, then here it is.

I came into the office this morning after picking up this beautiful box of cupcakes for a photo shoot. And ka-bam….one little tip, and it was over. Not one was even salvagable.

The next step was to act as anyone would do in this situation…Yummmmmm!  😉

Guess we’ll be picking up some new cupcakes tomorrow!

-Kim and Kris

P.S. – It’s all for a photoshoot you’ll see next Monday, the 24th when Season 2 starts up again!