Episode 6: Pom Pom Garland (Plus, We’ve Been Keeping a Secret…)

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Welcome to Episode 6 of “The DIY Dish!”  While this decorative garland was made for Halloween, the same technique can be used for ANY occasion!  Take a look!

Here are some more photos from this week’s project!

We’d love to see what you are making! Don’t forget to post your photos to our Facebook Fan Page or to Flickr. :)  If you’d like more garland/bunting ideas for your home decor, you might be interested in our latest ePattern called “Adorn.”  It is now available for instant download at www.YouCanMakeThis.com.

We have some really fun and exciting news to share with you! 

Imagine our reaction a little while ago when getting off a phone call with a producer of The Nate Berkus Show!  We can’t quite spill all the details yet, but we can tell you that we will be on his show NEXT Wednesday, October 27th!!

Are we nervous? YES! Are we excited? YES! Do we wonder if we’ll look completely goofy? ABSOLUTELY!  The nice thing at this point is that it has already been taped and now we just wait for the 27th! Yikes!

If you are unfamiliar with Nate Berkus, well, let us just tell ya…He is one amazing designer! So much, that he was THE interior design guru on the Oprah Show for 8 years! He has such a good heart and is just like you would imagine him to be in person – very real and down-to-earth.  We’ll tell you more next week.

Nate Berkus now has his own show and it is full of inspiration!  You will love it! 

We would be so happy to have you be a part of our experience next week!  Click here to check your local listings and to find out what time of the day and which channel it comes on.  Of course, we’re not sure how it will all be pulled together in the end, but you will see a glimpse into our personal lives, a “challenge” Nate gave us, and then finally a segment in New York!  It was our first time being in NY and we LOVED it!


Have a wonderful week everyone!  Which state or country might you be watching The Nate Show from?

-Kim & Kris

A “2nd Helping” – Your Questions Answered from Episode 5 – The DIY Dish Basic Handbag

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Hello friends! The comments coming in after the “basic bag” webisode have been exciting! We love hearing of your enthusiasm for making something special for yourselves, friends, and family members. Someone had asked whether we really read every comment that is posted. Absolutely!

And we agree with all of you about Pat Bravo’s stunning fabric lines. Just lovely!

Just the way we like fabrics to be. 😉

OK, so to answer a few questions that have been coming in…

Q. Can sizes be changed on the bag?
A. Yes! The dimensions of the bag can easily be changed to make a smaller or larger bag. You could also change the length of the handle to make it fall just where you want it- under the arm, around the waist, etc.

Q. When you box out the corners, do you need to cut off the excess fabric?
A. Actually, on this bag we did not. However, you absolutely can. Just cut off excess, leaving an approximate 1/2″ seam allowance.

Q. Can I use an interfacing on this bag to make it sturdier?
A. On this particular bag, we chose not to use interfacing because we wanted to have a very relaxed look to the bag that nicely curved at the hip.

However, you may use an interfacing if you’d like. Our suggestion woud be to use a very light, iron-on interfacing as you will need to remember that at the end when sewing the pleated outside and inside of the bag together, it will be a lot bulkier to put through the sewing machine.

And would you believe that we have someone out there who has already finished the bag? Michelle added this photo to our Facebook page. What a woman! Talk about fast! She also mentioned that she was able to complete the bag in just over an hour, and that was while helping her children through their various morning activities!

Didn’t she do a great job? We’d love to see your photos as well! You can post both at our Facebook page as well as our Flickr group!