We’re Lovin’ Decorative Straight Pins! – Guest Post on U-Create

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Our latest craze in this neck of the woods is playing with straight pins! And no worries, we’re not letting the kids play “swords” with them! LOL We’re making decorative straight pins! You’ve seen the ways we’ve made them with Shrinky Dinks as well as with felt, and now we’ll show you how to make them with polymer clay! Kari over at U-Create asked us to guest post on her blog this week and so we’ll show you how to have some fun and be creative with polymer!

You can check it out HERE! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

-Kris and Kim….or Kim and Kris 😉

A “2nd Helping” – A Follow-up After Episode 4 – Make Cake & Cupcake Platters

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Episode 4 was a blast to make! Not only were we a little on the silly side (an understatement!) but we also got to play with a really cool tool – the Cricut Cake! It has been fun to read every comment come through the blog – we love your enthusiasm!  Don’t forget that there are 4 ways to enter to win one of those machines! Details are on the Episode 4 blog post.

Now, onto our “2nd helping” post after the show! We thought you might enjoy making some cake and cupcake platters! You’ll never believe how EASY they are! And all it takes is a little trip to your local 2nd hand store, a garage sale, an after-holiday store sale, or even a look around your own home. So many fun possibilities! Watch Kris’ “casual-at-the-kitchen-table” video below and find out more!

Oh, and feel free to embed any of these videos on your blog! We’d love for you to share them with your friends and readers!

Now there’s one more VERY important item of business here! We’ve drawn 10 winners of the Heather Bailey pin cushion kits! Woohooo! Check them out in our first webisode! Darling stuff. So we’re going to list your first name, last initial, and partial email address here. We’ll be in contact with you this week so we can get those kits sent your way! Congratulations to…

1. Nicki C K (thekirkfami…)
2. Elaine P. (epitwor…)
3. Emma B. (theworldsbestg…)
4. Donna P. (tealovingla…)
5. Sheila A. (sheila.ami…)
6. Abbie S. (sewingwitha…)
7. Vickie W. (cwadup…)
8. Kris P. (presleytw…)
9. Elaine A. (veallen…)
10. Rachel A. (raddiso…)

Have a wonderful week friends!
-Kim & Kris