Women’s Expo & A Lampshade Just in the ‘Nick of Time!

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

This weekend Kim and I are at the Utah Valley Women’s Expo letting women know about our new webshow here at theDIYdish.com! What a fun experience this has been to meet many, many wonderful fabulous women. Many viewers of our blog we have met for the first time and that has been so exciting for us!

We began setting up at the Expo on Thursday evening. We soon realized we needed some pop of color and something to display that was at a varying eye level length. This display called for a re-covered LAMPSHADE! We decided that we had shared with you in Episode 5 how easy lampshades were to recover, now we needed to REALLY put that claim to the test and do one just one hour before the show would start!

Off to TJ-Max we ran, and it doesn’t take us TOO long to find an amazing quilt shop. (Somehow our “cute-fabric-radar-signal” goes off and before you know it, we’re stepping into a brand-new quilt shop we had never known about before! LOL!)

Here’s a short clip so you can see how EASY this project was and  that, indeed,  this lamp can be made in just the ‘nick of time!

And here’s the final lampshade! Woo hoo! What do you think?

And look who flew in from Oregon… our most wonderful friend, Leigh Anne from YourHomebasedMom! She traveled here for her son’s graduation and was so nice to come by and visit us at the Expo. She even brought us these GORGEOUS, re-usable shopping bags that SHE MADE! Talk about shopping for groceries in style! :) Thank you Leigh Anne for the thoughtful gift and your genuine smile you brought that day!

A “2nd Helping” to Episode 6: Make Reusable Gift Bags!

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

We have really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments about the great things you are doing to help in recycling, reusing, upcycling, and more. Even the smallest things can make the biggest difference!

Many of you use reusable shopping bags. Some have gone to cloth diapers. Some have chosen to recycle old food containers and boxes for craft storage or even planters. I loved to read how Lori pulverizes junk mail with some water and glue for her artwork. And many more of you compost!

All of these ideas and MORE that have been mentioned on the blog are so very inspiring! It’s a wonderful thing to hear and to see what each of you are doing. Thank you so much for sharing!

For today’s 2nd helping, I thought I’d share a little story with you that came to mind as I have been thinking more and more about “going green.” Last year at Christmas time, my wonderful friend, Kerilynn gave me a set of fabric bags made from Christmas fabric. I fell in love with the idea immediately! What meant even more to me was that she used old fabric that she found of her mother’s after she had passed away just a few short years before.

She told me that her mother did this quite often with old fabric pieces. She would sew the two sides together to create a bag and then tie a ribbon around it. It was a great way to not have to purchase gift wrap over and over again during the years. (And they’re so easy to store, too!)

Let me tell you, those bags came in handy for me! I especially loved that I could fit just about any odd-sized object in any of them and it sure cut down on my wrapping time in a MAJOR way!

Since then, I have looked for other fun fabrics to use as well- even for birthdays! We now have many on hand and wrapping has never been easier when giving gifts in my family. We just continue to re-use, re-use, re-use. It’s awesome!

*And one more thing before we sign off today….don’t forget that you have a free PDF download available for you which will help guide you through the steps of finishing that felted wool sweater purse! Kim has loved hearing that she’s not alone in the “Oops” department on accidentally throwing a wool sweater in the wash! You’ve all made her day! :) You can download that PDF HERE.

Have a wonderful Earth Day everyone! See you next week for our Mother’s Day special!